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Today one needs to be both unique as well as professional in the act of prospecting. 

Prospecting is not generally a fun thing to be doing. As it is a pure outreach numbers game and sometimes if done personally, on a one to one basis, the amount of rejection can be overwhelming. 

Just a couple of tips that one might want to consider when prospecting: 

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  • Automate outreach as much as you can: to save time and effort, use automation tools like CRMs, email drip campaigns, lead generation and enrichment tools, and integrations etc. This saves you time that you can spend on closing deals and addressing other issues. 
  • Be supportive: your dialogue with the lead shouldn’t read as a sales pitch. Instead, frame it as help in resolving their problem. 

In today's competitive marketplace, one needs to set oneself apart from the herd, and a key step is in building a good sales funnel. Using an Avatar will allow you to put forth a consistent and meaningful presentation from the very first time you contact a prospect.  Choose a prospecting technique and lead sources that work best for your niche and deliver the best-converting leads. 

By the way, studies have found, that you have about 10 seconds, that's right 10 seconds to get the average website visitors attention to keep them on your site. A moving, speaking, 
Avatar is one way to increase your visitors engagement time!

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